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access [noun] the right or opportunity to use or benefit from something

matter(s) [verb] a subject or situation under consideration

Access to learning, skills development or education matters to the youth of South Africa


The aim of #MATTERS is to create stimulating conversations between people from all walks of life, learning and business to discuss what matters. With no more than 5 speakers per day, the presentations and subsequent discussions are comprehensive and thought-provoking to encourage collaboration to address the matters discussed. At the end of the conference, key notes and results are compiled in a report, published and sent to the delegates.

7 and 8 March 2018
Accolades Boutique Hotel, Midrand


Day 1:

Adrian Ziller – The Performance Workshop
Gavin Weale – Livity Africa
Tsatsi Phaweni – Qhubeka
Benoit Knox – BK Publishing
Ntosh Ntolkwana – High School Life NPC
Riaan van den Berg – FEDSAS

Day 2:

Keenan Harduth – Google Consultant
Crayg Hitzeroth – Ad Dynamo
Prof Sunil Maharaj – University of Pretoria
Johan Kok – Seebox
Frank Smit – Bridgewater Learning


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#Fees must fall. Does technology provide a cheaper alternative?

2016 will be remembered as one of the most disruptive years for the South African public higher education system. #FeesMustFall started trending more than a year ago, in October 2015. Can online learning provide a cost effective solution to learners in South Africa?


Digital Disruptions of 2015

In 2015 the digital economy had a real impact on South African businesses and their consumers. The growth of social media; the increase of online transactions; the rise of the connected consumer and the continued debate around digital innovation as a moving target. Digital business will continue to disrupt organisations while at the same time providing nearly unlimited opportunities for business model innovation and growth.