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In our foundries we create relevant learning content that we deliver in products and services which impact the individual and communities we serve.

Product ideation and development of customer-specific learning content and end-user skills solutions.



Market research and environmental analysis

Understand who your customers and consumers are, what their expectations are and what type of learning products and services you are able to create to meet demands while driving innovation and staying ahead of the curve. Both primary and secondary market research techniques; including surveys, focus groups and interviews are used.


Product and service conceptualisation

Building the business case for a new or improved learning product or service requires insight. Understanding business requirements and how they information user requirements and the minimum viable product (MVP) that can be created to realistically meet demand whilst also creating value and returns on the initial investment made.


Product and service development and enhancement

From writing and editing to instructional design, storyboarding and NQF alignment our skilled publishing team will develop your learning products and services for traditional learning, blended learning
or e-learning.


Impact assessment and efficacy

Understand how the skills development and training that you have rolled out to communities has impacted, benefited or improved lives.


Ready-made products and services

License one of our existing learning programmes for customer and consumers.


The aim is for our customers to be able to confidently invest in future learning products and services that will impact their audiences while ensuring positive business growth.

Product delivery of learning content.
Either as face-to-face facilitated learning sessions through our network of social entrepreneurs and a professional team of facilitators or join our online learning community.



Face-to-face, mass learning facilitation

Through our team of dedicated social entrepreneurs we are able to roll-out learning products and services to communities on a large scale – leveraging training and skills development as an external brand extension.


Face-to-face, small group learning facilitation

Our team of skilled facilitators host and run dedicated learning programmes for business and small groups – leveraging training and skills development for operational efficiency, profitability and
internal brand extension.


Learning in your own time and at your own pace

Take one of our courses online, or let us help you deploy your own bespoke course, for staff or your consumers on our platform.


The aim is for our customers to deploy impactful learning that will benefit their staff, but also the communities they serve as a brand.


At The Fact Foundry we believe there is no point in acquiring new knowledge if you are not able to actively make use of that knowledge to improve where you live, work and learn. In this spirit we believe in transformative learning – a facilitated experience that speaks to our learner’s head, heart and hands. Based on the foundations of David Orr’s 1992 description of education for sustainability, learning integrates a discipline with its related intellect, emotion and body. Orr claims education should go beyond content or formal knowledge to include application and disposition of how to create meaning and value. Head refers to engaging the cognition through academic study, inquiry and understanding. Hands refer to practical skills development and application. Heart refers to the forming of values and attitudes that are translated into behaviours.